Tuesday 11 March 2008

Special Issue on Open Data

The February issue of Open Source Business Resource is devoted to Open Data. Here are the articles:

• Dru Lavigne, Editorial
• Tracey P. Lauriault and Hugh McGuire, Data Access in Canada: CivicAccess.ca
• Joseph Potvin, How is Copyright Relevant to Source Data and Source Code?
• Jordan Hatcher, Implementing Open Data: The Open Data Commons Project
• Ismael Peña-López, The Personal Research Portal

Image by diylibrarian on Flickr CC-NC-SA


Anonymous said...

The link to Jordon Hatcher's artcile is broken.

Brian Kelly, UKOLN

Mags McGeever said...

Thanks a lot for letting me know Brian. I've fixed it now.

Just to let people know that the Open Data Commons Public Domain Dedication & Licence that Jordan's article refers to has now been finalised. The PDDL went out of beta as of 15 March. You can find more information at: