Wednesday 21 January 2009

Making FOI requests easy (plus people power!)

Some time ago I mentioned the development by of a new site to help people make Freedom of Information (FOI) requests from different parts of government.

Well its called WhatDoTheyKnow? …and here it is! is doing the internet rounds today because their site TheyWorkForYou was instrumental in the cancellation of the vote on exempting details of MP’s expenses from the FOI Act.

So if making FOI queries is something you’re interested in, this site will make it very easy for you.

The site also archives the responses on the web for others to use. A good example of data curation!


Sarah Gentleman said...

We ran a very successful day explaining how researchers can use FOI in their work, see - we also hope to run a repeat of it in Scotland in the autumn of 2009, keep an eye on our website for more details

Mags McGeever said...

Hiya Sarah,

Thanks for telling us about this. Do let us know when you have further details of the Scottish event and we will make sure to publicise it. I would also hope to attend.